From Meerkats to Monitor Lizards, Pili Plas has it all.

Make your way around the zoo and explore each section, there’s something to be discovered at every turn. Mind your head as the butterflies pass in The Butterfly House or listen to the birds chatter in The Bird House.

New exhibits to explore

Marvel at the lizards and snakes, in their newest exhibit, The Tropical House. Here you’ll find a host of new and exciting breeds, with staff on hand to inform. For the less squeamish, there’s also The Bug House, packed with interesting breeds. If you’re feeling brave there are activity boards, allowing you to get up close and personal.

Spot the meerkats as you make your way around, along with mice and tenrecs.

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A close up of a centipede
A guinea pig eating a leaf

Get cosy with farm favourites

As well as the tropical breeds, there are a variety of goats and miniature donkeys in the farm yard and barn. Take the time to try and spot the Giant Continental Rabbits and little Guinea Pigs as well.

Finish the day off with a pit stop at the café, serving homemade food made with locally sourced ingredients.

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