Ultimate luxury

Our new ocean hot tub/swim spa has arrived! Now available to for your stay including fluffy white robes and slippers!

The Arctic Ocean swim spa is an all-weather pool so we can offer our guests year round use, swim all year, hot tub all year, entertain the children all year! What’s more, this swim spa combines the best of swimming pools and hot tubs in one. Cosy heat in the winter and a perfect pool for a dip in the summer! Work out, relax in the bubbling spa seats, or splash around. These pools are perfect for large groups or a solitary soak.

A white bathrobe and slippers on a wooden step

Total relaxation

The Arctic Ocean includes maximum luxury. With more swim spa features than other hot tubs and its 5 pump arrangement coupled with 61 jets. The swim spa offers all the features of a hot tub jacuzzi AND swim spa pool.

The monsoon counter current swim system with high volume jets provides a powerful current. Creating the perfect environment for recreational swimming or fitness, and ideal for all around fun. The system guarantees usability for swimmers of any ability.

An exclusive spa experience

We have chosen a natural spa experience using sea salts rather than chemicals and natural mineral water form our private borehole supply.

The Onzen™ Salt Water System is Arctic Spas proprietary salt water system that produces sanitizer from naturally sourced Dead Sea salts through electrolysis.

A white bathrobe on a door
A hot tub at night with people in it

An outdoors detox

In the ultimate lighting package, all jets are backlit through clear sections, all controls and cup holders are backlit and digitally controlled, offering the full range of fades, solids and intermittent patterns.

Nestled on the terrace surrounded by the dramatic landscape of Llanlliana we are pleased to offer our guests a slice of total luxury, the ultimate party pool and currently the only Arctic swim spa available to holiday let guests in North Wales!