For history fans, this imposing fortress is the ultimate find.

With construction dating back to the 1200’s, this impressive structure is packed full of unique features and stories waiting to be uncovered.

A fascinating history

Considered “the greatest castle never built”, Beaumaris Castle was designed and constructed by Edward I and his architect James St George.

Its size was unprecedented at the time, with it’s near perfect symmetry creating a formidable stronghold.

However, construction was never completed, leaving parts of the castle forever unfinished.

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A stone castle surrounded by a moat
A person wearing a helmet and holding a sword

Visiting the castle

The whole family are invited to explore, with dogs on leads allowed on the ground floors. Pre booking tickets is advised, with a gift shop packed full of souvenirs and guidebooks. The castle also plays host to a variety of events throughout the year.

There’s Jester School to keep kids entertained in the Spring, as well as castle history tours.

If you’re looking to get a true historic experience there’s also the Medieval Festival, which runs from 25th – 27th May.


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